3 examples of e-tailers using MyImageGPT successfully

MyImageGPT, an image generator powered by artificial intelligence, is transforming the world of e-commerce by offering revolutionary solutions. More and more online shops are adopting this tool to boost customer engagement and sales. Let's take a look at 3 concrete examples of e-tailers that are successfully using MyImageGPT.

Clothing retailer

MyImageGPT offers e-commerce companies a powerful tool for improving the visual presentation of their products. It was particularly useful for this clothing sales site.

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Lack of photos of models for each product

Imagine a clothing website where each product is presented flat, without any staging. It's hard for customers to visualise how the clothes will look on them. This was the challenge faced by this site, an online shop specialising in the sale of women's clothing.

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Limitations of traditional solutions

Hiring models and photographers for each product represents a significant investment. What's more, it's difficult to create photos for every size and body type, and traditional models don't always represent the diversity of customers.

Using MyImageGPT, the site owner was able to create photos for each product, taking into account size, colour and body shape. The solution is much more affordable than hiring models and photographers. What's more, the images can be generated in a matter of seconds, allowing us to react quickly to new trends.

Concrete results

Using My  Image GPT has had a significant positive impact:

  • 30% increase in conversion rate: Customers are more likely to buy products when they can see them on a mannequin;
  • 20% increase in the average basket: Customers are more likely to buy several items when they are inspired by the images;
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate the variety of mannequins and the quality of the images.

Interior design shops

For interior design shops, staging products in a real-life context is often a major challenge.


Customers have difficulty visualising how items behave in their own space, which can slow down their purchasing decision. This can lead to a drop in the conversion rate and limit the company's growth.


The solution to this problem lies in the use of MyImageGPT, which offers the ability to generate immersive images of products in different environments. Using detailed product descriptions, MyImageGPT can create visuals that place items in realistic room configurations, giving customers a clear vision of their potential in their own home.


The results of MyImageGPT's use by interior design shops are significant. By offering customers a more immersive shopping experience and facilitating their projection into their own space, these boutiques have seen a 15% increase in the click-through rate and a 10% rise in the number of orders.

Customers feel more confident about their purchases, which translates into higher sales and increased customer loyalty.

Marketplaces for artisanal products

Craft marketplaces bring together talented designers with unique styles. However, the quality of product photos can vary considerably, which undermines the platform's brand image and customer confidence.

Limitations of traditional solutions

Imposing strict photography standards on designers can be costly and restrictive, and photos can always lack consistency, damaging the marketplace's professional image. What's more, not all designers are proficient in professional photography.

MyImageGPT can standardise the background, lighting and composition of photos. The tool can improve photo quality by adjusting brightness, contrast and colour. As a result , the marketplace can guarantee a consistent and professional presentation of all products.

Concrete results

The use of MyImageGPT by an artisanal products marketplace has produced remarkable results:

  • 25% improvement in brand perception: Customers perceive the marketplace as more professional and trustworthy.
  • 8% increase in sales: More attractive photos encourage customers to buy more.
  • Increased designer satisfaction: Designers appreciate the ease of use of MyImageGPT and the quality of the photos generated.

In conclusion, MyImageGPT is proving to be a powerful tool for e-tailers, capable of improving the customer experience, boosting sales and reinforcing the brand image. By adopting this innovative technology, online shops can set themselves apart from the competition and secure a promising future.

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